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Laser Dentistry

in Everett, MA

We are proud to offer the revolutionary Beamer STL 980 Laser, a multi-functional soft tissue diode laser that takes dental care to new heights.

Beamer STL 980: A Masterpiece of Versatility and Precision.

The Beamer STL 980 is the most advanced dental laser in the industry and I'll tell you why the use of dental lasers has grown rapidly just as lasers had taken over other categories of medicine.

The Beamer STL 980 is a dental diode laser used for surgery and treatment of soft tissue. It is a Class IV laser that operates at 980nm. Because this is in the near infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, it is free from any ionizing radiation.

Embrace the future of dental care.

Embrace the future of dental care. Schedule your appointment today and witness the transformative power of advanced technology at our Laser Dentistry clinic in Everett, MA. Let us redefine your dental experience, one smile at a time.